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Friday Flow with Lacy & Georgia, 9 months 

There’s a line from a book I read that says, “a disorganized play space makes for disorganized play,” or in other words, play that lacks focus, attention, interest, or intrigue. I see that as play that simply doesn’t “flow.” For those that follow my blog, I’m an advocate for “less is more” when it comes to providing an environment for young babies to play. Once I became a mom, this came naturally to me because I was in the field of early childhood and had spent my career researching best practices. However, I realized it didn’t come naturally or intuitively to so many others. How would people know? Everything that’s out there today is like a never ending trip to Target. You keep seeing things that you think MUST have from friends, social media, at stores, online, etc. So Mo’ Mommies was born to share my experiences with other moms and I am so happy to have made a small impact in other their lives.

Ive decided to share how open ended, thoughtful play has helped others have confidence in themselves as parents and have confidence in their baby's competence. Every other Friday, I’ll be posting a mom and her experience with play that “flows.”

Lacy, daughter Georgia 9 months..

Even before my daughter was born, I was excited for her to outgrow the newborn stage and become interested in “playtime.” Of course, I loved and cherished our newborn snuggle time but I wanted to see her interact with the world in a more obvious way. I wanted to witness her using her imagination and to spark the curiosity within her.

     When that time came, I realized it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Georgia is a “busy baby” and I wasn’t offering an environment that would keep her engaged for more than a few minutes. I would place her on the play mat with a ton of toys circling her. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was overwhelming her. No wonder she’d get fussy after five minutes! Let’s face it - most of us love having options but it’s easy to become perplexed by an abundance of them. Not to mention, I was only offering items you see in the toy aisle at Target. You know, the ones that have an “on” and “off” button.

     That’s when I found Mo’ Mommies blog. I started implementing her recommendations into our play times. They were small changes but they made a big impact. By creating open ended play as Jennie suggests, I finally got to see Georgia use her imagination. In fact, one of her favorite “toys” is daddy’s empty aluminum beer bottles (ha!). I’m so grateful for the things that Jennie has taught me. I hope you gain the confidence that she has instilled in me!


Here are some of Georgia’s favorite toys which were inspired by Mo’ Mommies:

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Silicone Spoon







Crocheted Coasters








Silicone Spoon Rest







Octopus Finger Puppets







Wood Coasters


Melissa & Doug Felt Sandwich Set