Tess is pictured wearing a Gabby and Cooper personalized hoodie that says "Tess Mo." they make adorable and soft clothing.

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to post this because now I’m giving away all my best baby gift secrets! But since so many people have asked, I figured there’s enough mommies out there for this gift list to go around. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to receive more than one of these gifts!

So my “go to” gift list isn’t necessarily by particular age but just a compilation of what I think are great and thoughtful gifts. Many of them can be used for various ages.

  1. Personalized watercolor picture: This is even more adorable in person. The artist is spectacular and even if the watercolor doesn't come out to look exactly like the person, its still special. You can ask the recipient for a meaningful photo and when the watercolor depicts that photo, its a beautiful thing. Also, she does adorable borders and truly makes it a work of art.

  2. Keepsake baby shoes: I can’t take credit for this, I got a pair of these as a gift when I had Tess, and it was legitimately one of my favorite gifts. They’re personalized baby shoes with the baby’s name and date on them. If you’re into this look, then your baby can wear them, otherwise they’re such a great keepsake. I especially love that the writing is in gold, one of my favorite colors. Order them with the keepsake box or without.

  3. Personalized blankees: I love this company because their blankets look fancy even if you don’t get the fanciest material. They’re also very “Hermes” looking. You can never have too many blankets and its a tasteful way of incorporating personalization onto something that you won’t want to return (as opposed to a personalized Tiffany’s piggy bank because who wants that!?)

  4. Personalized bibs, burp cloths and bottle cooler: These are more personalized gifts you won’t want to return. Having hem personalized is entirely unnecessary but makes a functional gift a thoughtful one.

  5. Footies they’ll live in: People think you want fancy clothes for your newborn, but come on, aint nobody got time for that! You want functional, comfortable, soft (yet adorable as hell) ensembles.

  6. Hill House Home baby pillows: add one of these to the rocker or glider and it transforms the nursery into one that is automatically more “chic.” The cute slogans are so fun.

  7. Honest diaper cake: Even if the family you get this for doesn’t use honest diapers, its a great gift. Their diapers are so cute with designs and the diaper cake comes with honest products too. I didn’t use Honest diapers or products but loved having the “extras” for weekend trips, for my parents house, etc. They also send the cake with various size diapers, not just newborn. I definitely utilized them all especially the times i’d forget to order more diapers and needed a few hours to hold us over til my husband or I could restock.

  8. Maison Labiche: Personalized T for mom and personalized onesies for baby.

  9. Gabby & Cooper personalized clothes: I found this company on Instagram and what I was drawn to was the softness of the clothing. I could just tell the hoodies were the kind that were buttery soft and I was right. It’s a great gift especially if you don’t want to get “newborn” size, you can get a new mom something for later down the line which she won’t be getting a lot of as new baby gifts.

  10. I.D. bracelet: ok this may be the only gender biased one, but its worth bringing up on our list because its so good. I have no idea where Tess’s is from but I’m sure you can find on etsy or go to the link I listed to get from Kay Jewelers.

  11. Mo’ Mommies Sunday Swag basket. Last but not least. Fill out a quick questionnaire and your mom friend will get the most thoughtful swag ever. Email me if you’re interested :)