Best mat, promise you that


I have worked in early childhood for 12 years. I definitely feel like I'm a baby product connoisseur in some ways, when it comes to the educational realm, at least. I've had to build programs from the ground up. So when it came to choosing a playmat for Tess, I didn't hesitate for one second. I had used the lollaland playmat at my most recent job at Explore + Discover as flooring and for my classes I currently teach. I've tried EVERY mat and flooring that exists. Some are pretty, some are easier to put away, etc etc. But none have the grip, texture, stability and smoothness as the lollaland mat. The pretty tile mats are nice at first, but once your baby can pull them apart, is eating solids and trying to crawl, they're not what's good. Crumbs and dirt get stuck, your baby chews on them and they're often slippery. Since appearing on Shark Tank and partnering with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, lollaland has grown tremendously.  Their lollacup has grown into Lollaland, and they are striving to create innovative and modern infant/toddler goods that are functional and fun.  Their award-winning products are BPA-/BPS-, PVC-, phthalate-free. Get this mat, I can't recommend it enough. Although the "egg" pattern isn't my favorite, the "trellis" side isn't an eye sore :) 

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In the words of Hanna who created Lollaland with her husband:

  • We created these, because I, personally, went out and got a set of those puzzle piece play mats in 2008 when my daughter was 1 because they were economical and seemed modular. However, I quickly found that the pieces simply did not stay in place (the whole mat would slide around) and my daughter soon figured out how to pull all the piece apart and chew them. Also, spit up, crumbs, and dirt accumulated in between the pieces and cleaning the thing was nearly impossible.
  • I knew we could create something that was much more functional, so I set out to source and design a play mat that would be super comfortable, more heavy-duty, one-piece design, and chic, but also stimulating for baby (on the reverse-side).
  • The concept behind the play mat is that most parents search high and low for a rug for their nursery/playroom and while rugs are beautiful and great in so many ways, as parents, we know that items you can easily wipe clean are much more functional. 
  • Also, my daughters have severe allergies, so my pediatrician was telling me to get rid of all plush toys and rugs, so the lollaland play mat is a great, hypoallergenic alternative to a rug.