It's Brooklyn in the House

Joelle and I connected via direct messages on Instagram. She had responded to a few of my Sunday Swag Insta stories always with a comment like “ooooh should I try this?!” or “how did this go?” and the back and forth became more frequent and then I really felt like we were mom buddies. I found myself feeling like I knew Joelle! She would post her play set ups for her daughter, Raquel, and so naturally I asked her to contribute to “Friday Flow” and to share her favorite pics.

Friday Flow with Joelle & Raquel 9.5 months

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Before Raquel was born I was doing tons of research on everything! I knew that babies didn’t need such complex toys to be engaged, so learning more about “flow play” was exactly what I was looking for. Watching Raquel play with simple toys for their sound or touch has been amazing to see. At first, I would give her a bunch of toys and let her pick through them but I noticed her favorites and started to use Mo’ Mommies organized play. 

She really stays engaged for some time and it’s so sweet to see her “flow.” You can see her concentration and I love it! 

Her favorites are: