Black and White Swag

There are some toys that I am SO happy I got for my newborn baby that I didn't know to have right away. I thought to make a list here of some stimulating products for newborns that I wish I had right away (I got them 1-2 days after when I realized who my baby was and what she was ready for!). Anyway, I couldn't recommend these products more for the beginning stages of babyhood, meaning RIGHT away. 

Black and White toys: I am a minimalist when it comes to toys for young babies. I believe in  Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach, where babies don't need much to be stimulated and we should let them notice what is around them on their own. A few objects as they get older can be placed near them, but aside from that, I really didn't plan on, or have, many toys for Tess when I got home from the hospital. I figured she can barely even see at first, let's wait on the toys. Lo and behold, while still at the hospital, she almost immediately started lifting her head right off my chest eager and ready to look around. Who knows what she can really see, but I knew right away that I needed some things for her to focus on because she really wanted to. Since she can really only see high contrast/black and white right now, I got these few things, and as you may have seen on my Instagram, she's completely enthralled when I expose her to them. She lasts about 10-15 minutes at a time, but she seems really into it. 

Here are the 4 black and white products to get right away!

1. Black and White Accordion. This foldable "booklet" opens up and you can use it along the crib, stroller, pack and play or even standing up on a playmat. Click image to shop:

2. Black and White Board Books, it's hard to read to a newborn and feel like they're even remotely interested. These books actually got Tess looking at the pages!  Look, Look! has red in it which is another color younger babies can begin to distinguish. Hello Animals! has sparkly metallic colors which also catches a young baby's eye. Shop them by clicking images below:

3. This Mobile - put the mobile on one side of the crib away from where your baby will sleep so that he/she doesn't even see it during sleeping time. I put the mobile above where we swaddle her, or on one side of the crib where she can spend a little time awake. This way it's not distracting her from sleep when it's sleep time. Shop it by clicking on this image:

4. Sassy Jitter Bug - I don't really love the concept of dangling toys in a babies face, especially because it doesn't give them the choice to look at it or not, it feels forced on them. However, Tess was looking all around inside her stroller and I realized the white walls inside her Uppa Baby pram weren't so exciting. I only bring down this toy when I see her looking for more, and otherwise I don't hang it. Shop it here.

5. Crinkle Paper - Babies are weirdly obsessed with anything that crinkles and I found this black and white striped "baby paper" on amazon. 



Hope this helps those new Mommies who aren't sure what in gods name their 0-4 week old baby will want to do during those few minutes (if you're lucky!) that he/she is awake, happy and ready to rally :)