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You can find my full interview with Stylists to A T  here . Here I'm wearing the  Long Sleeve Body Dress  and Alex is wearing the  Cashmere Gallery Jumper.

You can find my full interview with Stylists to A T here. Here I'm wearing the Long Sleeve Body Dress and Alex is wearing the Cashmere Gallery Jumper.

Figuring out what to wear during pregnancy can be somewhat daunting, especially if you're going to work every day. It's one thing if you can just throw on sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers, but most of us work in an environment where that attire just doesn't cut it. Also, you don't want to dress obviously pregnant right away so there's a lot working against you at every stage of pregnancy. Everyone is different and finding that comfort while pregnant is entirely personal. However, there were some "go to" pregnancy pieces that I found to be godsends during my pregnancy that I wanted to share. 

Here Alex is wearing a great Hatch  cardigan  and I'm wearing my favorite  sweater  also by Hatch. 

Here Alex is wearing a great Hatch cardigan and I'm wearing my favorite sweater also by Hatch. 

I also met with amazing stylists Alex and Michael Toccin, the team that makes up Stylists to A T, and had the opportunity to be styled by them at the new Hatch store. In all honesty, I was dreading it because I was 9.5 months pregnant, feeling gross and sort of had come to terms with my leggings and oversized sweater pregnancy uniform. To my surprise, it was such a refreshing and uplifting experience. Alex had pieces ready for me to wear when I arrived and I felt so good in what I put on. One outfit was jeans and a sweater (I couldn't tell you the last time I had worn jeans before this photo shoot) the other was a fitted dress that I felt fantastic in. The pieces fit great and I still plan on wearing them even after giving birth (I'm only 2 weeks post C section so I'm still happily hibernating but my Hatch pieces are the first pieces I'll wear once I venture out).

I asked Alex about her outlook on maternity style and she said the following:

"I was terrified about maternity style as I have heard so much negativity around it. With my husband Michael’s amazing taste, he has certainly made my maternity style "styled to a T" and helped to make me feel confident every single day. Over the past few months we have learned many things when dressing maternity. First, stick with neutral colors and try to avoid patterns and prints. Second, you do not have to buy actual maternity items. You can still buy from your favorite brands and just size up. Third, the current trends allow for a more oversized silhouette and not everything has to be so fitted, which has been so helpful during this pregnancy. Lastly, wear a fitted bottom so that your body still has some shape.  J brand, AG, Paige, and Rag and Bone all have designed maternity jeans that are still fashion forward. These are some of my go –to’s for my pregnancy for both day and night looks! Keep in mind that many of these staples you will be wearing after your pregnancy as well since your body is still in transition, so make sure to buy pieces that you will want to be wearing for a full year.”

11.9 edited-11.jpg

I couldn't agree more with her words of wisdom on maternity wear. Here's a list of my five "go to" pieces during pregnancy:

1. Bras - So I'm more flat chested by nature and hate underwire bras. However, my boobs did grow exponentially during pregnancy and these were so supportive, comfortable and I can wear them now while breastfeeding. I can't recommend them more. You can find them here.

2. "Go to dress" - This looks shapeless on the hanger but its super fitted in the most flattering way. I honestly steered away from fitted dresses at first, but at 9.5 months pregnant, this was the dress that Stylists to A T introduced me to and I felt like a rock star in it. I also know that I can wear it post pregnancy once I'm back down to an appropriate tummy size because it is fitted. It's super soft and comfy too. Find it here.

3. The master of all jumpsuits - No explanation needed, just get it here

4. Leggings - These leggings from Aritzia were purchased pre pregnancy and were already my favorite as athlesiure wear. I realized during my pregnancy how comfortable they were because the waist band goes up super high and comfortably fits over a pregnant belly even in a regular size. I wore them during the day to teach classes, at night with a long tunic/sweater and booties, or to work out. I literally ordered 6 pairs and know I'll use them even during non pregnancy life. You MUST get them. They have 800 different leggings, so make sure to get the ones that are in the link, the material, length and fits are on point. 

5. Staple Tops - ATM makes the softest, most forgiving staples; they literally feel like butter. The length of their tops are perfect to go over the belly band of maternity jeans or high waisted bottoms and the t shirts flair in just the right way to look effortless yet still put together. I loved wearing leggings, a tshirt, with cute accessories throughout my pregnancy. These staples were my favorites: T-shirt, another version of the T-shirt in crew neck, and I loved this sweater for the Fall months. I also loved the maternity line Isabella Oliver, they make the greatest ruched t-shirts, dresses and long sleeve tops.

I'm definitely the more "dress for comfort" type of person because my line of work allows me to be somewhat casual and certainly comfortable as I'm expected to crawl around with young babies. However, many, if not all of these pieces can be dressed up or down. As long as your hair is did, anything goes when your pregnant as far as I'm concerned :)