10 Labor Inducing Commandments

Even though I'm just 40 weeks today, and my actual due date is Thanksgiving, November 23rd, I've had a ton of pressure to give birth either by today or earlier. My entire family flew in from out of town; my brother in law used the analogy that if the baby doesn't arrive in time its like he came to the concert and the main performer doesn't show. Also, I just kind of wanted a Thanksgiving baby because I loved the idea that I would be getting this miracle ON Thanksgiving. It's a day to be grateful anyway and we had worked SO hard for this baby, so I loved the idea that her due date was Thanksgiving.

Despite these desires, I was told by my OBGYN that I actually have a "cervix of steel" and that's how not softened my cervix felt at the end of last week. So I searched high and low, and have tried all 10 of these labor inducing "myths" that people have told me to try in order get the show on the road. 

1. Sex. Really hard because I feel so big and not feeling like doing much of anything, let alone have sex, but we did. 

2. Walking and staying busy. I don't really stop. I've been going and going my entire pregnancy and I made a point this week to take less Ubers and to really walk as much as possible. 

3. Fitness ball exercises. I've done lots of pelvic movements on the fitness ball to open my hips and potentially relax low back and hip muscles. Also squats using the ball against the wall are supposed to help lower the baby even more. 

4. Stripping the membranes. I told my OBGYN my family was coming into town and before I could even ask her, she did a more intense pelvic exam which I've been told is called "stripping the membranes". It was really painful. My husband is still disturbed as he was in the room. Instead of just simply feeling if I'm dilated, the doctor actually manually separates the amniotic sac from the wall of the uterus. Unless you're desperate, I don't recommend it. 

5. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Someone told me to drink this but when I did research I found it doesn't actually bring on labor, supposedly it increases the strength of uterine contractions. Anyway, I've drank it daily for the past week. 

6. Pineapple. It's supposed to ripen the cervix, which I was in need of since my cervix was hard as a rock as of a week ago (slightly softer this week but not by much)

7. Evening primrose oil. This is supposed to soften the cervix and thin it out. I take one pill a day. Also told told insert some of the oil inside the vagina - tried this twice but wasn't so into it. 

8. Spicy Food. People say this stimulates the digestive system and brings on contractions. I've tried having spicy food every day even if its just hot pepper flakes. 

9. Italian meal. Someone told me fettuccine Alfredo works, another person sent me this article about labor-inducing eggplant parmesan http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/recipe?id=6877112 any excuse to eat Italian, I'll take, so I had spicy penne vodka this week. 

10. Acupuncture. Not sure the whole scientific reasoning but I basically trust acupuncture to help with anything and everything, so I went. Mary Sabo is my fertility angel and it was so relaxing to go back and try any needle techniques she felt could help bring on labor. 

I'll keep you all posted on any action and we'll see if any of this lunacy actually works. Hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and feel free to comment below if I'm missing anything I haven't already tried :)